Valentino comes to live



Around three months ago, I received a text message from the Breader that I got our precious girl from asking if I was interested in adopting Nanook’s little brother.
I had kept in touch with her and we were always planning on getting another so Nanook had company.
He is a year and a half old and needed a new home as his current family could not keep him any more. They contacted her in the hopes that she could find a new home for him.
Without even meeting him we said yes, now I know what you are thinking who adopts a dog they have never meet. Well it’s a fair question as I had no idea of his personality, what condition he was in, or if he had any health problems.
The day We picked him up he was matted from head to toe, he was yellow instead of white, he had not been wormed since he was a puppy and he weighed in at a shocking 7.9kg very large for a Maltese x Cavalier King Charles.
We had a lot of work to do, and we were more than willing to work with him.
he now weighs 6.3kg gets the same raw diet that Nanook gets, he has learned how to play with toys and Nanook.
How to sit, lye down, wait and leave it, he goes to the office, he comes to Tafe with me, and even meet the guinea pig and the rabbit.
He is a very sweet little boy that I feel privileged to have in my life.


New edition

I went to a rabbit retreat with Tafe a few weeks ago, well of course in fell in love with a beautiful boy who had been rescued 9 months earlier. After spending 40min holding him, brushing him and cutting his nails I find out that this boy had had so many people want to adopt him but he would not allow anyone to touch him or pick him up.
From there my heart melted and a spoke with my partner and decided to bring him home.
His name is Loki.