Dogs as Healers

My Name is Justine, I’m 31 years old i have never really known what i have wanted to do with my life until recently.

About 2 years ago i went through a very bad period in my life i was very unhappy diagnosed depression, anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder and then bipolar. Doctors just kept adding medications for me to take daily and another name that i didn’t understand and really didn’t want to understand. I had lost many people in my life including my brother 2 years before and i had to play the rock, the strong one in my family and kept everyone else safe.

Then i got sick, i was on very strong pain killers and told i was on a waiting list for surgery a waiting list that was three months long, I lost my job because of the pain medication that i had no choice but to take, so now i was unemployed, in pain everyday and unable to do anything about it. One day while lying in bed looking on gumtree i came across a litter of puppy’s being advertised, they were so little and so cute that i decided i wanted one. I scrimp together enough cash that i could put down a deposit for one of these beautiful puppies and 7 weeks later i went to pick her up. she was so small she could fit in the palms of my hands and was black and white i named her Nanook. A couple of weeks before i was to pick her up i was directed to The Dog Whisperer- Cesar Millan by my boyfriends dad so i began watching that and i came up with training ideas, tips, and procedures. To my astonishment they worked very quickly and very well, she responded so easily i guess it was because she understood me and i understood her, she brought a smile to my face even though i was still in agony and still on a waiting list i had something that counted on me, i had to feed her, i had to train her, i had to love her.

That right there is where i learned what i want to do with my life, i want to work with animals, i want to work with people, these two put together brought me back to life, i realised i had been dead inside for so long and that her love and the love i felt for her was beyond anything i had felt up until then. I had my surgery recovered and continued to work with Nanook and we continued our success. she is now almost 2 and very well behaved, we get comments all the time because of how lovely she is and how well trained she is. My goal for the future is to train her as what they call a mind dog, a therapy dog not just for sick people in hospitals but for Psychiatric patients as well. Nanook saved my life by coming into it when she did; she was the best decision i ever made.



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